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Terms of Reference: Communications Consultant for Theatre Production


Tales of the Accidental City is a 90-minute play in which four residents of Nairobi accused of various misdemeanors find themselves stuck together in a three-day anger management class. Diana, Jacinda, Louis Njoroge, and Sarah Obama must explain what got them there, and with the help of their quirky counsellor Rose, find a way to heal the wounds inflicted on them by life in the crazy city of Nairobi.

Through the characters, we are invited to explore Nairobi 120 years after its ‘creation’. Once a seasonal swamp on the edge of a forest that was not meant to be more than a railway depot for people and goods on their way elsewhere, Nairobi is today home to over three million people. A throbbing city where lives are swallowed up and spat out again, a place where dreams collide, where people come to run away from the ghosts of their pasts – some finding respite others carrying their demons with them. Through this portrait of Nairobi, the play tells the story of many African cities challenged by population growth, economic disparities and social injustice.

Going Digital:

The play will be recorded as an audio drama in three parts. It will be launched in October 2020 at Ake Arts and Book Festival, the largest literary festival in Nigeria.

One of the aims of this production is to use the play as an educational tool and a catalyst for discussions on social justice and inequality.  But unable to perform in communities due to Covid-19 restrictions, the team decided to go experimental, turning Zoom into their stage. The result is a film the merges theatre and digital platforms to create a celebration of performance art.

We will distribute the play worldwide for free through our own platforms but also through partnerships with activist groups as well as global theatre and literary platforms.

Community Action:

Alongside the audio play and Zoom play, we will create a toolkit for activists and educators to use the material to support their work in civic education. We strongly believe that art plays a critical role in helping to create a fairer world.

Tales of the Accidental City is written and directed by Maïmouna Jallow. It is based on an adaptation of four stories from a collection called Humans of Nairobi, and features the works of authors Sitawa Namwalie, Kevin Mwachiro, Margaret Muthee, and Maïmouna Jallow.

It is a Positively African production, supported by grants from the African Publishers Innovation Fund and the African Culture Fund.

Scope of Work

We are looking for a driven and experience communications consultant to join our team for three months from Sept – Dec. 2020. During this time, you will run an on- and off-line media campaign to ensure that the play (both audio and film versions) reaches as many audiences in Africa and around the world as possible. You will also support the team in getting deeper engagement around the issues raised in the play through partnerships with social justice groups.

  • Following the existing communications strategy
  • Developing a distribution strategy
  • Running an online campaign across social media platforms
  • Writing Social Media Posts
  • Writing Press Releases and engaging media interest
  • Writing Talking Points
  • Interviews with the press
  • Managing live streaming sessions
  • Writing and sending out online surveys
  • Sending out newsletters using Mailchimp
  • Working with the graphic designer to develop promo materials
  • Working with the director and film team to develop video materials
  • Building contact databases on excel
  • Managing content on the website
  • Writing a toolkit for activists
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Kiswahili


  • Significant experience in a communications role
  • Familiarity and interest in social justice issues and in African literature and theatre
  • Contacts in the media (Kenyan, African and International)
  • Imaginative, creative, a team-player and hardworking!

Employment Terms

  • Starts: September 7th 2020
  • Ends: December 4th 2020
  • Part-time: 15hours per week (mostly online)
  • Renumeration: 50,000 Kes/Month (subject to 5% Withholding Tax)

To Apply

  • Send a cover letter – 1 page only. Outline your experience and qualifications and tell us why you are the right person for this role. Include your name; email and telephone number)
  • CV
  • Subject Line: Application for Communications Consultant Role
  • Email to:
  • Deadline: Wednesday 26th August 2020


  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If shortlisted, we will do a Zoom interview.
  • Late applications or those that do not follow the guideless set above will not be considered.

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